Deep is the ocean, but even deeper are the thoughts of mankind...

let us explore how deep it is together

Deep is the ocean, so very deep indeed...
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A community dedicated to the deep analysis of Houshin Engi
Honshin Engi is not a misspelling of Houshin Engi; it's actually a pun.
Honshin means: "true character" (lit. "true heart"), and in this case, Engi means "commentary".
Together they make "true character commentary".

The purpose of this LJ group is to analyze the relationships and social context within the unique and deep manga that is Houshin Engi. Because it is writhed with subtlety and meaningful symbolism, I feel that it is a shame that no one digs deeper into the heart of the series. Not just the series either, even the author himself will be dissected and analyzed. (do be warned however, this LJ contains 100% SPOILERS, please only join to see the entries if you have finished reading the series)

And so, for a story so highly culpable, let there be cultivation!
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